2019 Free WAEC questions and answers

2019 free WAEC questions and answers for the exam students.

It have come to our attention the way Nigerian students now do very poorly in their WAEC exams.

That’s why we have chosen to use this platform to help our brothers and sisters smile again.

2019 free WAEC questions and answers will be issued on our plat form for interested persons. What we will assure all the persons that would privileged to read this news is that their faces will be full of smiles when WAEC will release their results.

We will keep you equipment from start to finish of your exams.

We will teach you how to subscribe for the 2019 free WAEC questions and answers.


I know that most people will think that it cannot be possible. But we want to assure you that determination and hard work makes everything possible.

For those that would want to be getting the free 2019 WAEC questions and answers,  here are the steps.

1. Having read this post and is interested.

You can drop your phone number on the comment box.

2. Make sure that the phone number you are dropping is always on.

3. You need to have a smart phone that has Whatsapp. This is because our subscribers that has smart phones will enjoy better. They would be getting the informations faster than those waiting for text messages.

3. For those that don’t have smartphones. We will be sending texts to you guys.

4. For those without smart phones, make sure you have a good phone. This is to avoid phone disappointment on the days of your exams.

5. Having followed the above steps. And done the things you advised,  we assure you of our readiness to help you pass your exams.


All the interested students and those that would as well want to pass the good news they will see here need to note.

a. They should keep checking this website @ www.gistgate.com.ng for any new development that may arise if need be.

b. Even after dropping the phone numbers. We will still be uploading the questions and answers here.


Thank you for keeping out time to read this important information.

We wish you guys well as you prepare for your WAEC exams.

We wait to serve you guys well as you drop your comments.


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